Why Webpass.io?

It's no surprise to hear that more people are using adblockers every day. Ads can be annoying, intrusive, slow down pages, be hard to distinguish from real content, and track and share with others what you do. There are many reasons why people use adblockers, and not everyone shares the same reason. Whatever the reason, installing an adblocker can help to reduce these effects, is easy to do, and so a growing number of people use them.

Adblocking is not a sustainable solution, as good as it is right now. If adblocking becomes too popular, websites that depend on advertising revenue to survive will have a few options. They can reduce their staff, and therefore the quantity and quality of their content. They can shut down. They can create a paywall, so that their content is only accessible to paying subscribers. They can ask their users to disable adblockers for their site.

Some of these solutions are simply not good. If websites reduce the quality and quantity of their content, or shut down, then that's less for us as consumers to enjoy. At Webpass.io we, like so many of you, depend daily on the quality and quantity of material available on the web. If websites create a paywall, then we have to start paying on a per-site basis to maintain access. That's a new user account, password, and fee for each website!

Here at Webpass.io we are offering a hybrid solution. Users pay a single subscription for access to a wide variety of content. A genuinely sustainable way to have no ads!

The thing we love most is that the consumers of the website content -- you and I -- become the customers. This is the most natural relationship between websites and the people they connect with. When a website relies on advertisements, the content on a website is designed to be of interest to consumers, but the revenue comes from advertisers. The interests of the consumers and of the advertisers are not always in line.

When consumers pay for their content, that tension disappears. The person consuming the content is the very same person who is paying for the content.

An adblock plus survey in 2011 asked users to state whether or not they agreed with the statement 'I would be willing to donate some money to websites where I block ads'. 21.4% of surveyed users somewhat agreed to that statement, and 7.2% agreed!

At Webpass.io, we're not asking you to donate. You set aside money, and websites offer you something in return: no advertisements, even if you don't have an adblocker installed. Since we at Webpass.io would be willing to pay a reasonable price for such a service, we think there are others out there like ourselves.

Join us in creating a sustainable no-advertisements option for the web!

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