A new revenue source with no risk

Adblockers are costing you more and more money. Many who use adblockers realise this and want to support your site without ads. Why not offer them that option? A subscription revenue stream for your most loyal users. It's an extra revenue stream, with no ongoing effort or risk. It could be the difference between surviving and thriving in the digital world!

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Offer No Advertising

Some visitors want to avoid being tracked by advertisers and social media. Some don't want to see advertisements. And others just prefer the cleaner layout without ads, focused on content. Webpass.io offers a way to provide visitors what they want without hurting your revenue.

collect revenue

Collect Revenue

Subscribers sign up to our service, and when you voluntarily remove your ads for them, we share that revenue with you. It's revenue on top of your existing sources, for no ongoing effort. Start recovering lost revenue from adblockers!

exclusive content

Offer Exclusive Content

Moving to a post adblocker internet is about more than just receiving revenue from visitors. It's also about adding value. Adblockers can block content, but cannot produce it. If you want to do more, you can offer exclusive content or features to your paying visitors.

Together we make subscribers

Adblockers are cutting out advertising revenue on anywhere from 10% to 40% or more of pageviews to your site. Adblocker are asking for something: your website, without advertisements. Together, we offer them a subscription giving them what they want. One subscription covering many websites – websites like yours. That's extra revenue for no ongoing effort. If you like, show your adblocker visitors a message to let them know that they have more options.

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It's great to have you here. Ads are an important part of what helps us offer you great content, so please consider whitelisting us. Or if you prefer, subscribe to Webpass.io to support us, and sites like ours will hide our ads!

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collect revenue

Capture lost revenue

Many adblocker users want to support the sites where they block ads. We offer them a way to do that, in a way that fits with their needs. Since adblocker users already don't see ads, any monetary support from these users is additional to your existing revenue sources. How much are we talking? Every thousand paying Webpass.io pageviews will be worth around $2-$6 USD to you, and sometimes even more.

Already offer a subscription?

Webpass.io fits well with your existing susbcription. Some users want to support sites, but don't want to pay a separate subscription for each. The only thing you need to do to partner with us is remove ads for our subscribers. If you want to keep a separate subscription for premium content, or your own additional subscription for no ads, that's no problem. Webpass.io plays nice with your existing setup. Low risk, easy implementation, and no commitment.

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easy installation

How the technology works

When someone purchases a subscription with us, they install our plugin. Whenever they visit your site, you do a quick automatic check to see if they have a valid subscription. If they do, you remove your ads, and we share the revenue from paid subscriptions. If not, you show them ads. Set it up once and you're done. The rest just works.

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