One Subscription. Many Websites. No ads. is the start of a journey towards a better internet. Enjoy websites without advertisements, while supporting the creators whose work you love, through a single monthly subscription. Works with your existing adblocker!

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no ads

No Advertisements

When you visit partnering websites, they give you access to their content without advertisements. In return, your subscription money supports them in bringing you more of the content you love. A single subscription covering many websites.

easy installation

Simple Installation

Sign up to one of our plans, install our plugin for Chrome or Firefox, and login. That's it! Now when you browse the web, our partners will earn money, and you enjoy their content without advertisements.

supports creators

Supports Creators

Adblockers deny money for websites without replacing it. offers you a way to support websites in providing you content with no ads, and they get to keep operating. Best of all, you are the customer!

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